Thursday, 1 April 2010


  • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
well there are chase scenes in thriller films so i use that, fast cut scenes are usually used to show that this part is sup post to be scary or exciting, i have not seen many premonition films but films like final destination introduce the characters first then one has the premonition, my film is completely different it starts off with the premonition of danger coming. the only film i can remember that starts off with a chase scene is scream where it jumps straight into someone being murdered. 

  • How does your media product represent particular social groups?
the characters in my film are represented as just a average person, they clothes are the same as what most people wear, jeans and a hooded jumper. throughout the clip there is no swearing so that could represent they are not bad but good people and something like this can happen to them. the last part of the clip just shows the main character and his friend sat at a bench and according to the mise-en-scene they are in the middle of a park like area with no one around them. this could mean they are good friends because they are on there own and could even mean they are isolated from anyone else.
  • What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
my films genre is thriller so i looked at another thriller film which was scream and show who distributed it, dimension films, the reason they would distributed my films is because like i said before my film is a thriller and looking thought some of the films they distributed it is clear that the genre they distributed is thriller and horror.  they have distributed films like; halloween, scream and the mist. there are a lot of popular films on the list so this shows they are good at distributing it and they have the funds to advertise my film.

  • Who would be the audience for your media product?
the normal thriller audience are 15-25 the reason it starts from 15 is because thrillers usually contain violence and strong language so the age restriction is 15, the audience are sup post to connect with the characters so they are usually around the same age and my character/actor is 17 so this is my target audience. the audience would also still be in school as the rest of the film would be of them being in school and there being mysterious deaths.
  • How did you attract/address your audience?
i would attract the audience by making the characters resemble them, this would not work for everyone as people have different interests but it can attract them by doing average actives like school, homework and hanging out with your friends but then it would it would have a super natural change and say "what if you have a vision one day" and it would go from a normal life like the audiences to a super natural chase with a monster killing students and you have to stop it.
  • What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
i've learnt how to use garageband and movie maker, these are the software i used to edit my film, i didn't use any camera functions but i used a tripod in some of my shots. i was going to distort the monsters vision but i disagreed with the outcome because it was hard to understand what was going on. i also learnt how to fade out the sound and how to make music as i used garageband to make the music in my clip. but not the sound effects i got them from a website that let you download their un-copyrighted sounds.
  • Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
i learned that everyone is not good actors as sometimes they would look at the camera but i would of done the same. and that not everything goes to plan as i had a good idea of what to do for my film but then i found out the clip were to long and there was objects in the mise-en-scene that didn't make sense to my video(he is sup post to be in the middle of no where and you can see a wall behind him) and its hard to get the right sounds you want. for example the last part i wanted the ending theme from lost to be there but because that was copyrighted i made my own which is just a tune fading out and a thunder strike at the end but it still worked out ok. i also learned that if you going to film it you should do it on a weather that always happens and you should film it all on that day, i filmed mine in the snow but later found out some of the clip didn't record so i had to record that part again but then it was not snowy. below the first image shows the wall and road, and the 2nd and 3rd image are sup post to be of the same spot but one is when it was snowy and the others is when i filmed it again.


final film!!


Thursday, 21 January 2010

storyboard with sound effects


this is the same story board i posted before but i added some sound effects to this one. i will add more sound effects on my main movie. like birds and the man running. this is just to show what it will sound like.

i got the sounds from which is just a website were people post recordings so i should be able to find all the sound effects i need.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

story board pic

brief description-establishing shot of the woods,shot- long shot,camera- high to low, sounds- birds

brief description- showing title of the film,shot-long/medium,camera-hand held, sounds-music i made

brief description-man looking around,shot-medium to close-up,camera-hand held, sounds-"hello?"

brief description-walking+looking around,shot-long,camera-panning, sounds-

brief description-panning around man,shot-close up,camera-panning, sounds-
brief description-turns around when twig snaps,shot-medium,camera-low to high, sounds-twig snaps
brief description-x-close up of his mouth,shot-close up,camera- steady , sounds- "hello?"
brief description-starts walking towards bush,shot-over shoulder,camera-high to low, sounds-
brief description-hears twig snap behind him,shot-medium,camera-, sounds-twig snaps. left speaker so it sounds like its behind you
brief description-starts leaning toward to see it,shot-medium,camera-low to high, sounds
brief description- show his eyes then open when he sees the beast,shot-ex close up,camera-, sounds-beast noise
brief description-match on action, runs away,shot-medium,camera-low to high, sounds-brief description-him running,shot-medium,camera-panning, sounds-heart beat

brief description-starts running towards cam then turns,shot-long to medium,camera-panning, sounds-heart beat
brief description-looking through beast vision,shot-medium,camera-unsteady running low to ground, sounds-beast noise 
brief description-stops looks around getting high breath back, then starts running,shot-medium,camera-steading panning, sounds-beast breath
brief description-trips over,shot-medium,camera-low, sounds-
brief description-he starts crawling backwards,shot-medium,camera-high to low, sounds-heart beat and breath
brief description-beast vision running towards him,shot-medium,camera-low to ground, sounds-beast noise
brief description-moves back and puts his hand on a stick then looks at it,shot-medium,camera-high to low, sounds-heart beat- breaths
brief description-show him looking at the stick,shot-close up,camera-over shoulder, sounds-heart beat -breaths
brief description-runs around the corner to see the boy,shot-medium,camera-low, sounds-heart beat
brief description-boy swings stick towards beast then drop camera on side,shot-medium/close up,camera-low , sounds-beast/ noise of stick hitting
brief description-beast is on its side while man gets up and runs away,shot-,medium,camera-rotation to side, sounds-
brief description-out of breath,shot-medium,camera-low to high, sounds-breath/"help"
brief description-beast gets up,shot-medium,camera-rotate, sounds-
brief description-high to low when he hears the beast/looks shocked/ starts to run,shot-medium,camera-high to low, sounds-beast/heartbeat/breath
brief description-running through woods/beast vision,shot-medium,camera-low, sounds-twig snaps
brief description-runs past a hole and looks around then sees the hole,shot-long/medium shot,camera-high to low, sounds-heartbeat/breath
brief description-beast vision/running,shot-medium ,camera-low, sounds-beast
brief description-he hides in the hole,shot-close up,camera-high to low, sounds-twig snaps
brief description-walks in front of man but does not see him,shot-medium,camera-, sounds-
brief description-scared/shocked,shot-close up,camera-, sounds-heartbeat
brief description-it turns and sees him then growls,shot-medium,camera-low/panning, sounds-growls
brief description-wakes up/ gasps,shot-2 shot,camera-, sounds-"you ok?"
brief description-looking around ,shot-close up,camera-, sounds-"uhh ye"

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Monday, 23 November 2009

research potential locations

Locations, this is the field next to the school.
I will use these woods for the chase scene because there are paths so the victim can run through. These woods would be the best because it is close to were i live so it will be easier to film, because I will need to get all my actors to go there. it will also be good because it doesn’t let a lot of light through so it looks like all the woods on real thriller/horror films.
One bad reason is that its next to a field were people walk their dogs, so if the actor is running around shouting for help they might not know were filming. some cons of this woods is its not very big so the main character might have to run fast the same part of the woods again but ill do it at different angles.

Other locations, there are not any more places I could film this, I was thinking about vassals but It takes me like 40 minutes to get there and most of my friends/actors don’t want to walk there. Plus it is not the right setting I wanted anyway, there is another woods across the road from the one i have chosen, i have not been over there yet but it has tall trees and looks like a big forrest, one con is the monster is sup post to be right behind the victim but you never see it because its just behind the bushes so in this woods there are not many bushes because it looks like it just has trees.

For my classroom shot I need a classroom that has a window in the background and bushes in that window, because I need them moving in the shot. I was thinking of doing it in one of the art rooms.

When I am doing the chasing scene in the woods I can’t really have random objects in the background. Because most of my clip is in the woods it doesn’t really matter about the mise-en-scene all I want is woods in the background. The only time mise-en-scene might matter is in the classroom, but that will only be 1 shot of 2 people talking then it zooming into the window where you see bushes moving outside.
When he is in the classroom, the things that will be in the mise-en-scene are objects that will show it’s a classroom and because it’s a real classroom I will use the objects that are in the room.
i will have to find objects that give hints that he saw the future and show he has powers.

In this picture you can see a road, in my film I don’t want it showing any road so this is the mise-en-scene I don’t want, when I am filming I will make sure the camera is not pointing towards the road.

twigs snapping
the monster roar

these are the only sounds i will have in my clip, i might have thrilling music in the background of all the sounds.
i will have thriller when the titles are coming up and have sounds when each title appears

dialog; the dialog will just be the main character shouting for help and when there in the classroom

woods script;
character 1: is anyone there?
character 1: hello?
character 1: help!
character 1: please someone help me!
character 1: help!
character 1: please god dont let it find me (when hes hiding)

classroom script;
characters 2: are you alright?
characters 1: ye (nods)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

which of these films do you like the most?

i asked this question to see what film they like the most, all of the films i asked are thrillers with different sub-genres, people voted the dark knight as the top, this is an thriller action film, when action got the least votes in q3 but this may be because the horror film i had listed was old so not many people have watched it.